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Who We Are

Real-Time Market Insights

The Mission Control Lab is where innovators come to test their ideas and define their market. We provide you the roadmap with real-time insights so you can gain more confidence in your market.

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How We Work

Let’s Go the Distance to Market Confidence

Our METER® process is how we measure our journey together.



Outline your business operations and offerings to assess how they align with your market’s needs.

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Investigate potential suitable markets that contain all the right conditions andresources you need for growth & sustainability.

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Probe potential or existing markets with business experiments from a wide selection of missions covering digital & physical avenues.

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Receive answers about your markets with easy-to-understand visual reports highlighting opportunities.

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Turn observable data into insights you can act upon within your organization and industry.

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What We Do

Test and Validate Your Market

Guessing can only get you so far in business. To dominate your market,
you must fully know how it operates.

Market Navigation

Position your business to optimize success within a
targeted area. Work with a Market Navigator in areas such as:

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Product Development
  • Communication Strategy
  • Industry Positioning

Mission Lab

Experiment with a wide selection of business tests to position yourself with the right customers, stakeholders, influencers, and competitors. Categories include:

  • Exploration
    Customer Interview
    A Day in the Life
    Discovery Survey
  • Call to Action
    Split Test
    Lead Targeting
  • Data Analysis
    SWOT Analysis
    Competitive Analysis
  • And More

See what other categories you can use to test & validate your market.

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Ask us about Market Navigation!

We’re working on a full website to bring you more content on market navigation. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us or schedule a free nav session.

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